Produce and Agricultural Software Products

  • Produce Advantage –  Produce Software the best of Broker Advantage, Shipper Advantage and Distributor Advantage software all rolled up into one.
  • Broker Advantage – Broker Advantage software has the capability to simplify all your daily paperwork and still leave time to concentrate on new business
  • Shipper Advantage – The heart of Shipper Advantage is its ability to give order and purchase control easily with detail.
  • Distributor Advantage – Having access to any type of order on one screen will help you to process any order fast with a minimum effort.
  • Transport Advantage – Transport brokers are looking for ability to track loads, clients and trucks for LTL and full load hauling.

I have used both FAMOUS and QuickBooks in the past as a produce shipper and broker.  They simply do not compare to the ease at which Simplified Software works!! I knew there had to be someone out there that knew enough about the produce workload to tie all of the different processes into one transaction, and then I found Greg!!  I do still need assistance from time to time as I am not an accounting major by any means. But they have always made near immediate time to stop and help me with whatever road block I have experienced, and usually caused myself! The purchase/allotment, freight, sale and invoicing are all in the same system AND on the same page!! Greg and his team at Simplified Software, most simply stated, “Get it”.
– Brandon Mullis, SouthEast Produce

We give a purchase guarantee on all our products – “30 day guarantee or your money back”. We are so sure that this product will fit your business that we will give you an 30 day guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied that the product you purchase does not make your business run smoother, more efficient and more streamlined that you can return the product for a refund. Any training fees are not refundable, all product licensing fees will be completely refunded.

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